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Foods that start with V are an array of delectable options for anyone to uncover. Here are some ideal options to enrich your food world.

From savory, sweet dishes to different types of food, like vegetables and fruits, you can find these V-named items in different regions and cultures.

Let’s explore together.

24 Foods that Start with Letter V with Filters

Explore the flavors of 24 foods beginning with V and using the helpful filter to categorize your finds, from dishes to condiments and beyond

Vindaloo Goan Curry Dish


  • Dishes

Vindaloo is a famous Goan curry dish in Indian cuisine. Traditionally made with pork, it can also be prepared with chicken, beef, lamb, or vegetables such as zucchini and potatoes.

It also includes an abundance of chilies, vinegar, garlic, and other spices like cumin, mustard seeds, and turmeric.

Therefore, vindaloo’s rich, deep-red sauce is both aromatic and intensely hot, suitable for spicy food lovers.

Vindaloo is often served with rice or Indian breads like naan.

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

  • Dishes

The vegetable soup uses vegetables as the main ingredients.

Common ones include carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, tomatoes, and green beans, though it often varies based on availability and preference.

Herbs and spices like garlic, bay leaves, thyme, and parsley add flavor. Vegetable soup can also be creamy and fatty with the addition of cream.

Veggie Burger

Veggie Burger

  • Dishes

A veggie burger is a meat-free alternative to traditional hamburgers, primarily made from vegetables and other non-meat ingredients.

Common components to make burger patties include beans, lentils, tofu, mushrooms, grains like quinoa or rice, and spices and seasonings.

They are ideal treats for vegetarians, vegans, and health-conscious individuals.

Vichyssoise Traditional


  • Dishes

Vichyssoise is a creamy, cold soup from France.

Made from a rich blend of pureed potatoes, leeks, and chicken stock, this dish is traditionally served chilled, offering a delightful way to cool down during hot weather.

The soup has a thick, creamy texture.

Vichyssoise can be enjoyed with bread or as a standalone dish.

Varenyky Vareniki


  • Dishes

Varenyky (or vareniki) is a Russian and Ukrainian dumpling with a half-moon shape. It is made from a soft dough of flour, milk, and eggs.

The dumpling fillings are diverse, with the potato variant being particularly favored.

They are often enjoyed with sour cream, fried onions, and butter.

Vori Vori

Vori Vori

  • Dishes

Vori vori is a traditional chicken and dumplings soup.

It contains small dumplings made from cornmeal and a thick yellow chicken broth soup. Locals normally enjoy it as a main course.

Vori vori is either an authentic food from Paraguay or North-East Argentina (“vori” means ball in the Guarani language of Paraguay).

Vatapa Side Dish


  • Dishes

Vatapa is a Brazilian stew, particularly famous in the Bahia region.

This creamy and spicy stew is made with a base of bread or flour, ground peanuts, coconut milk, palm oil, and seasonings.

The dish also includes seafood, ideally shrimp.

Vatapá is often served over rice or with acarajé (black-eyed pea fritters).

Making Viennoiserie


  • Dishes

Originated in Vienna, Austria, viennoiserie is a French word referring to a category of baked goods made from yeast-leavened dough or puff pastry.

Typical viennoiseries include croissants, pain au chocolat, Danish pastries, and brioche.

They are characterized by their flaky texture, buttery flavor, and often have sweet fillings or toppings like chocolate, fruit, or custard.

These delightful pastries are often enjoyed at breakfast or as snacks.

Vegemite Food


  • Condiments

Vegemite is a thick, dark brown Australian food spread. It is made from brewer’s yeast extract, vegetables, and spices.

Vegemite has a thick, dark brown texture and a salty, malty, and slightly bitter taste. It is typically spread thinly on toast or crackers, often paired with butter.

The spread is rich in B vitamins.

It’s a staple in Australian households and has become an iconic symbol of Australian cuisine. Every year in Australia, a whopping 22.7 million jars of Vegemite are produced.

Vienna Sausages

Vienna Sausage

  • Meat

Vienna sausages, also known as Frankfurters, are small German sausages made from beef and pork.

They are traditionally smoked at low temperatures and encased in sheep intestines. The finely ground paste inside the sausage is seasoned with spices like cloves, nutmeg, garlic powder, and red pepper.

These thin sausages are often sold canned, where they are par-boiled, casing-removed, and cut into pieces.

Vienna Bread

Vienna Bread

  • Bread

Vienna bread is a unique blend of flour, milk, yeast, butter, and sugar. Commonly, people toast or top the bread with cheese for a simple yet flavorful snack.

It’s distinctly different from the delicate and light French bread, as the dough uses a different type of flour for a chewier texture and a crispy crust.

The sweet undertone of Vienna bread makes it ideal for sandwich bread, served alongside meals or dipped in sauce.

Cottage Cheese Vatrushka


  • Dishes

Vatrushka is a Russian cake shaped like a ring, filled with cheese in the middle, and finished with bits of raisin or fruits.

There are different styles of filling, from sweet cottage cheese (commonly) to many types of jam.

Traditionally, Vatrushka needs to bake in a firewood oven in those ancient villages. However, the modern multi-function oven can easily make these “inside-out buns” at home.



  • Dairy

Velveeta cheese has been a processed cheese brand since 1918.

It is known for its vibrant orange color and velvety texture, earning the nickname “Liquid Gold.” Modern Velveeta is made from whey protein concentrate, milk protein, and emulsifiers, differing from its original real cheese formulation.

This cheese is ideal for nachos, and its mild taste and smooth consistency with excellent melting properties.

You can enjoy this cheese in dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches, casseroles, mac and cheese, and stuffed peppers.

Veloute Sauce

Velouté Sauce

  • Condiments

Velouté sauce, meaning “velvety” in English, lives up to its name with a smooth texture.

With a mild and savory flavor, it’s crafted by thickening light stock, mainly chicken or fish. Plus, people usually use a roux and add spices for an extra kick.

Versatile and delicious, this “mother sauce” can be incorporated into a wide range of savory dishes, from red meat to fish and seafood in French cuisine.

Cartellate Con Vincotto


  • Condiments

Originating from Italy, Vincotto is a dark, velvety, and sweet syrup that gets its name from the Italian phrase for “cooked wine.”

This concoction results from slowly cooking and reducing non-fermented grape must (the freshly pressed juice containing grape skins, stems, and seeds).

With its sweet, acidic, malty, and plum-like flavor, Vincotto can be a great substitute for balsamic vinegar or even used to make it.

Some popular cooking methods for Vincotto include glazing food, marinating meat, and whipping up salad dressings.

Vinaigrette Salad


  • Condiments

Once known as “French dressing” due to its origin, vinaigrette is a sauce or salad dressing typically made with a 3-to-1 ratio of oil to mild acid.

Olive oil, especially the extra virgin variety, is the popular choice, while balsamic vinegar or lemon juice serves as the mild acid component.

Furthermore, seasonings such as salt, pepper, mustard, or herbs may be added to create a more complex flavor.

Vinaigrette is one of the healthiest salad dressings available.

Kinds Vinegar


  • Condiments

Vinegar is a sour-tasting liquid composed of acetic acid and water, typically containing 4 to 8% acetic acid.

Originating from “vin aigre,” meaning “sour wine,” vinegar is made by fermenting various alcoholic substances.

Its flavor and characteristics can vary greatly depending on the source of the ethanol, such as apple cider, wine, rice, or malt.

In addition to its widespread culinary use in salad dressings, marinades, and pickling solutions.

Vegetable Oil

Vegetable Oil

  • Condiments

Vegetable oil is a versatile cooking ingredient extracted from various plant seeds or fruits, including corn, soybean, sunflower, and canola.

It is widely used in cooking for its versatility and neutral taste.

They’re favored for their low saturated fat content and potential health benefits. However, caution is advised with heavily processed oils due to the presence of unhealthy trans fats.

Dried Rice Vermicelli


  • Grains

Vermicelli is a type of pasta characterized by its long, thin, noodle-like strands, which are finer than spaghetti.

Originating from Italy, it’s made from durum wheat and water. Vermicelli is versatile, used in a variety of dishes ranging from soups and salads to more complex entrees with sauces.

In Asian cuisines, it’s often made from rice flour or mung bean starch and used in stir-fries, spring rolls, and soups.

The texture of vermicelli is light and delicate. It can absorb flavors from other ingredients in a dish excellently.

Vanilla Beans


  • Condiments
  • Seeds

Vanilla, originating from South and Central America and the Caribbean, has become a global kitchen staple.

It is a fruit with long, slender black pods, often called beans. It contains tiny seeds which are either infused into liquid vanilla extract or scraped out for direct use.

In the kitchen, it’s primarily used as an extract, flavoring desserts and baked goods. The extract has a sweet, warm, and creamy aroma.

Meat Raw Veal


  • Meat

Veal is genuinely meat obtained from calves, especially the fatty ones.

The best pieces of veal usually come from 0 to 12 month-old calves. Older-than-12-month calves are classified as beef.

Veal’s taste is milder than typical beef because of the calves’ age and diet. The meat is also more tender.

Veal is used in various cuisines and suitable for various dishes, such as Italian veal Parmigiana, French blanquette de veau, and Wiener Schnitzel, etc.

Venison Ribs Meat


  • Meat

Venison is meat from game animals like elk, deer, or antelope. Deer are the most popular. In fact, Venison is “venari” in Latin, which means to hunt.

It is known for its rich, gamey flavor, which is more intense and distinctive than that of conventional red meats like beef or lamb.

Generally, venison meat has a lean composition with a fine-grained, dense texture, and darker color.

Venison is considered a healthy meat option due to its lower fat content and high protein levels.

Velvet Beans

Velvet Bean

  • Seeds

Velvet beans is native to Africa and tropical Asia.

While the beans themselves are sweet and can be cooked similarly to green peanuts, their pods are inedible and contain toxins that can cause nausea and itching upon skin contact.

Once properly prepared, the beans can be used much like other legumes, in soups, stews, and other dishes.

The taste of Velvet Bean is often described as being similar to other beans, with a slightly sweet and nutty flavor.

Valencia Orange

Valencia Orange

  • Fruits

Valencia oranges have a sweeter taste than most other kinds of orange. It is seedless and super juicy, making them become the ideal orange type for making juice.

Created in 19th century Florida, the Valencia orange comes from the Spanish València region, famous for sweet oranges.

Thanks to their thin-skinned fruits, Valencia oranges have a sweet flavor, perfectly balanced with a hint of bitter tang.

Now that you’ve overviewed V foods, let’s look at distinct V dishes, fruits, and vegetables.

Dishes That Start with V

It’s time to focus on specific V dishes. Here are some popular choices.

Veggie Burger
Veggie burger is a healthy, meat-free burger made from a mix of vegetables, beans, grains, and spices.
Varenyky Vareniki
Varenyky are Eastern European half-moon-shaped dumplings, often filled with potato and served with sour cream.
Making Viennoiserie
Viennoiserie refers to a variety of flaky and buttery French pastries like croissants and pain au chocolat.
Vindaloo Goan Curry Dish
Vindaloo is a spicy Goan curry with a rich sauce of chilies, vinegar, and spices, adaptable to meats and vegetables.
Vichyssoise Traditional
Vichyssoise is a French cold soup blending pureed potatoes and leeks in a creamy chicken stock.
Vatapa Side Dish
Vatapa is a Brazilian spicy and creamy stew made with bread, peanuts, coconut milk, and typically shrimp.

To discover additional choices, check out my full list of dishes beginning with V here.

Next, let’s broaden your knowledge with V-named vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and Fruits That Start with V

Consider these remarkable V-initial fruits and vegetables as additions to your list.

Vanilla Beans
A fruit known for its long, slender black pods containing tiny seeds, used primarily as a flavoring in desserts and baked goods.
Velvet Beans
A legume native to Africa and tropical Asia, known for its slightly sweet and nutty flavor, used in soups, stews, and other dishes.
Valencia Orange
A type of sweet, seedless, and juicy orange, ideal for making juice, originating from the Spanish València region.

For more options, there are other V-named veggies and fruits beginning with V to discover.

After digging into many “V” foods, please share your favorite finds with me by commenting below. Your likes and shares are much appreciated! Plus, you can do extra researches on other topics regarding foods that start with alphabetical initials.

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