4 Fruits That Start With V To Eat

Fruits that start with V are a collection of fascinating fruits with various flavor profiles and culinary applications.

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Fruits that start with V are a blend of both familiar faces and exotic names. While the number of these fruits may seem small, they bring enormous pleasures whether they are consumed fresh or used in cooking.

Have a taste of these fruits, and you will recognize them as among the best foods that start with V. There are 4 options in my guide, so this quick read will take only a few minutes.

After you have learned about the fruits, stick around for an additional section on V-named vegetables.

4 Valuable Fruits That Start With V With Filter

There are 4 must-know fruits whose names begin with V, and I will tell you all about them. Using interactive filters, you will gain in-depth information about exotic fruits, fruits for dishes, fruits for beverages, and fruits for garnish.

The Valencia Orange

Valencia Orange

  • For Beverages
  • For Dishes
  • For Garnish

Valencia orange is a globally famous American orange variety. Created in the mid-19th century, it was named after a Spanish region renowned for orange cultivation.

Valencia oranges are characterized by their medium size, bright orange skin, and incredibly juicy pulps. Their blend of delicious sweetness and mild tartness is ideal for eating fresh, juicing, and garnishing desserts or salads.

Unlike many other orange varieties, Valencia oranges are at their most abundant in summer months, from April to June, so many people refer to them as summer oranges.

The Vanilla Fruit

Vanilla Bean

  • For Beverages
  • For Dishes

Vanilla bean is an edible fruit in the orchid family that comes in bean-like pods. Originating from Mexico, it is now grown in many countries with tropical climates around the world, especially Madagascar, Indonesia, China, and Papua New Guinea.

Due to the labor-intensive cultivation and pollination process, vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world. In addition, vanilla beans have to go through a lengthy curing process that lasts for months before they are ready for the market.

A typical vanilla bean has a long and slender shape that measures between 6 to 10 inches in length. Its appearance is dark brown to black when fully cured and dried.

The main use of vanilla beans is to create a highly aromatic spice with a delicate sweetness and woody notes. The resulting product, known simply as vanilla, is a favorite flavoring in baking, beverages, and perfumery.

The Velvet Apple

Velvet Apple

  • Exotic

Velvet apple, also known as kamagong, mabolo, or velvet persimmon, is a berry fruit indigenous to the Philippines and Taiwan. Its most prominent characteristic is the velvety, fine fur-covered skin that ranges from bright red to orange.

A velvet apple is similar to a persimmon, to which it is related. The creamy flesh inside tastes like a mix of apples, peaches, and bananas and has a strong, cheese-like smell.

Velvet apples are excellent for eating fresh, though a few people may find them an acquired taste. From their home in the Philippines and Taiwan, velvet apples have spread to many tropical regions around the world.

The Velvet Tamarind

Velvet Tamarind

  • Exotic
  • For Beverages
  • For Dishes

Velvet tamarind is a common name for several fruits related to tamarind. The first one is Dialium cochinchinense, which is native to Southeast Asia.

Dialium guineense, the second species, originated in West Africa. Dialium indum, also known as plum tamarind, is found in both Southeast Asia and Africa.

Velvet tamarinds are mostly black fruits that have hard shells covered in smooth hair. The orange pulpy interior gives a sour, sweet taste and can be eaten fresh or used as a souring agent in cooking.

Now, you have an adequate knowledge of fruits starting with V. Next, I will cover vegetables that also begin with this letter.

Now, you have an adequate knowledge of fruits starting with V. Next, I will cover vegetables that also begin with this letter.

What Are Well-known Vegetables That Start With V?

Check out the following vegetables whose names start with V; they will make great additions to your meal.

Vegetable Mustard

Vegetable Mustard

Vegetable mustard, also known as mustard greens, is an Asian leaf vegetable with a fairly peppery flavor. It is used in many Asian dishes.

Vine Spinach

Vine Spinach

Vine spinach, also known as Ceylon spinach, Indian spinach, or Malabar spinach, is a leaf vegetable of Southeast Asian origin. It has a slimy texture and earthy flavor when cooked.



Verdolaga, also known as purslane, is a leaf vegetable used in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. It has a mildly lemony taste.

For more information about similar greens, check out this list of V-named vegetables. I’m certain you will find more inspiring cooking ideas.

But first, let’s finish the topic of V-listed fruits. What do you think about my suggestions? Do you have more options to add to the list? I’m all ears for your feedback! Before you leave, remember to tell your friends about this compilation of fruits that start with V.

While at it, you should drop by at other alphabets regarding to the same fruity topic, which contain many options you’ve never known.

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