How To Prepare Ginger and Onion Properly

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How to prepare ginger and onion is an essential skill for any aspiring home cook. These two aromatic ingredients form the backbone of countless savory dishes, adding depth and flavor that can elevate your culinary creations.

Whether you’re sautéing, grating, or dicing, mastering the art of handling ginger and onion will undoubtedly enhance your cooking repertoire. This article will show you the ingredients with tools needed along with the method of preparing ginger and onion with some helpful tips.

How To Prepare Ginger and Onion Properly

What Do You Need to Know About Preparing Ginger And Onion?

How to prepare ginger and onion correctly is simple. Commonly, preparing these two aromatics means that you get to learn the way of peeling and dicing them. Therefore, learning the preparation of these aromatics can help ease the cooking process.

Commonly, ginger and onion play are essential ingredients for any cuisine, especially food in Vietnam, when people want to infuse an aromatic profile. Also, cutting an onion can be tricky for some as the chemical they release may cause your eyes to water.

However, this article got you covered when you can easily handle any onion. For that, let’s roll into the kitchen to prepare the necessary tools for prepping the ginger and onion.

What Tools Are Essential For Preparing Ginger And Onion?

A knife, a chopping board, and a spoon are the three simple and easily available tools in your kitchen to prepare ginger and onion.

  • Knife: Make sure to use a sharp one to easily chop or mince the ingredients like ginger or onion.
  • Chopping board: Use a sizable chopping board so you have a lot of space to work with.
  • Spoon: You can grab any metal spoon nearby to scrape off the peel of the ginger.
Tools For Processing Ginger and Onions

Once you have all the tools ready, let’s grab your simple onion and ginger and get ready with them for your next meal.

What Ingredients to Prep Ginger And Onion?

Ginger and onion are inseparable when you want to learn how to prepare these two ingredients. You can easily find ginger and onion at any fresh food store or at the supermarket.

  • Ginger: Any ginger variety can be prepared in the same way, so you can use whatever ginger variety you have.
  • Onion: The same goes for onion, but you want to prioritize fresh ones to ensure it remains juicy and crunchy.
Ingredients To Prep Ginger and Onion

How to Prepare Ginger And Onion?

To make it simple, I suggest learning how to prepare onion and ginger one after another to prevent confusion. In this section, you will get to know each step to perfectly nail the preparation every time.

Preparing onions and ginger is rather straightforward, similar to the methods for preparing shallots and garlic. For that, here’s how you can learn how to slice or mince onion and ginger the right way.

What To Do To Prepare Onions?

Here’s how you can prepare the onion by simply removing the skin before mincing it. All you need to do is to follow these simple procedures to get ready for the onion.

Step 1: Remove The Skin

Onions and shallots have similar peels, so you can start by slicing them in half first. Then, use your hands to peel off the outer skin.

Remove The Skin

While peeling the skin, don’t cut off the root yet because it will release the pungent chemical that makes your eyes water. You should only cut off the root after peeling off the skin.

Cut Off The Root

Step 2: Dice The Onion

After slicing the onion in half, you want to make a few vertical cuts across the halved onion without going through it completely. Then, make a few horizontal slices without cutting through the onion completely.

To keep the onion from breaking apart, you can curl your hand over the onion halves while making the horizontal slices.

Dice The Onion

Then, use your fingers to hold the onion with the middle finger’s knuckle slightly protruding to prevent cutting yourself.

In a smooth motion, cut the onion in a downward direction to dice the onion. Now, let’s move to the next part for ginger preparation.

Cut The Onion in a Downward

What To Do To Prepare Ginger?

To prepare ginger, you get two different methods, either using a spoon or a knife. Commonly, a knife or a spoon makes a perfect tool for scraping the ginger’s peel.

Step 1: Scraping Off The Peel

There are 2 methods, which are using a spoon or a knife to remove ginger peel.

Method 1: Using A Spoon

Use a thin metal spoon to scrape off the ginger peel in a downward motion.

Using A Spoon

Method 2: Using A Knife

The same concept is used for the knife, but you want to use the cutting edge of the knife to scrape off the ginger peel.

Using A Knife

Step 2: Slicing The Ginger

You can use a similar onion-holding technique for the ginger to cut it into thin slices. Then use these slices for garnish over dishes or continue to julienne them.

Slicing The Ginger
Cut It Into Thin Slices

Step 3: Mincing The Ginger

After slicing the ginger into thin strips, you can proceed to place these strips together to mince them. Hold the ginger strips, similar to how you hold the onion, and let the knife chop down smoothly.

Mincing The Ginger

What Tips And Tricks for Ginger And Onion Preparation?

Here are 3 main tips for working with ginger and onion that you should notice. They can prove to come in handy, especially when you want to be professional in your home kitchen.

  • Use high-quality chopping boards to prevent small pieces of wood or particles from getting mixed into your minced aromatics.
  • To secure the cutting board in place, put a towel or cloth under the board to create more friction.
  • You should remove the onion’s root too early because the part stores most of the chemicals that can cause your eyes to water.
How To Prepare Ginger and Onion

Prep Your Ginger And Onion Like A Master Chef

Learning the technique to prepare ginger and onion is an essential skill that can elevate your culinary prowess. These two flavorful ingredients are the foundation for countless mouthwatering dishes, adding depth and character to your cooking.

These two aromatics are simple to prepare, with many methods that you can try. Let me know in the comment section if you’ve different adaptations for these preparation skills. Also, you should share this article with people around you who love cooking.

How To Prepare Ginger and Onion

How To Prepare Onion And Ginger?

How to prepare onion and ginger properly is the first step to becoming a masterful chef at home. This article will unveil all the secrets to preparing the onion and ginger with little effort.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 Servings
Calories: 50kcal


  • 1 Ginger
  • 1 Onion


Preparing The Onion:

  • Slice the onion in half before using your finger to peel off the skin.
    Remove The Skin
  • After peeling off the skin, don’t cut off the root yet to prevent the onion from releasing the chemicals that make your eyes cry.
    Cut Off The Root
  • Hold the onion at the root and start cutting it vertically without slicing all the way through the onion. Then, curl your hand around the halved onion to cut it horizontally.
    Dice The Onion
  • Finally, use three of your fingers to hold the onion in place, with the middle finger’s knuckle sticking out slightly to control the knife. This slight change helps prevent the knife from cutting your fingers.
    Cut The Onion in a Downward

Preparing The Ginger:

  • Use a spoon or a knife to scrape off the ginger peel.
    Using A Spoon
  • Cut the peeled ginger into thin slices before julienning them.
    Slicing The Ginger
  • Use the thin strips of ginger to mince them into smaller ginger pieces.
    Mincing The Ginger



  • Make sure to use a durable chopping board to prevent small particles from mixing with the minced ingredients.
  • Place a towel or a piece of cloth under the chopping board so it doesn’t slip while preparing the ingredients.
  • Ideally, you don’t want to cut off the onion root too early to prevent yourself from crying.


Calories: 50kcal | Carbohydrates: 12g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 0.2g | Saturated Fat: 0.1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 0.03g | Monounsaturated Fat: 0.02g | Sodium: 5mg | Potassium: 190mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 2IU | Vitamin C: 8mg | Calcium: 26mg | Iron: 0.3mg


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